Complete Travel Guide to Lucknow | Hotels, Attraction, Food, Transport and Expenses 2023

Lucknow is the capital of India’s most populous State. Lucknow is that place where you will find Historical Monuments, delicious food, great travel experience. Lucknow is divided into Old Lucknow and New Lucknow. It is an awesome place to visit, you can explore Lucknow in just 2 days. Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and a hotspot of North India. Heritage sites, shopping centers, top attractions, etc. attracts lots of tourists to this city. This is your Complete Travel guide to Lucknow.

  1. The First Segment will be about Lucknow, we will discuss Geography, History, Maps and best time to visit.

Let’s begin the guide with Geography of Lucknow. Speaking of Geography, Lucknow is a big city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow city has an area of 2528 sq. km the river passing through Lucknow City is called Gomti River. The Lucknow is situated on the North and South Banks of the Gomti River. Lucknow is a Tier 2 City situated on the Banks of the Gomti River. Lucknow has a lot of Historic importance. Lucknow was famous before Independence. The real development of the Lucknow city started after Independence. Lucknow has a very rich history, Lucknow saw it’s best times under the rule of Nawabs. The Nawab of Avadh, Muhammad Ali Shah Ji created many attractions. The best thing that happened to Lucknow was, when Nawab Shifted the Capital of Awadh form Faisalabad to Lucknow. Since then Lucknow is in the History Books. By the way, 2 days are more than enough to explore Lucknow. It is important to understand that Lucknow is divided into 2 parts. Old Lucknow and New Lucknow. In Old Lucknow, you will get to see all the monuments, like the one behind me. This is the Satkhanda Watch Tower. You will find new developments in the New Lucknow, like the Ambedkar Park. You will find all the modern architecture in the New Lucknow. Lucknow used to be the capital of Avadh Presidency. Until it came under British Empire. You will find a mix of British and Nawab Architecture in this city. The real development of Lucknow City started after Independence. Now, Lucknow is among the top developed cities of Uttar Pradesh. Now we will talk about the best time to visit in Lucknow. Lucknow is situated in North India in the state of Uttar Pradesh The summers are very hot in Lucknow.

The best time to visit Lucknow is from October to March. i.e. During the Winter. Lucknow is covered with many Gardens and Parks. Winters are a great time to visit this gardens and parks. May and June are the hottest months in Lucknow. It’s difficult to visit attractions in May and June.

Now lets talk about the Map of Lucknow. This is the Map of Lucknow.

Map of Lucknow.


Here you can see that the Gomti river flows through Lucknow City. To understand its geography, we will divide Lucknow into 2 parts. North and South Lucknow. Most of the attractions in Lucknow are based on the south of Gomti River. Also, you will find good Hotels in this part. There are few attractions in the North Lucknow too.

Let’s discuss the top places to visit in Lucknow, Top attractions to visit in Lucknow; The list starts with Bada Imambada, Rumi Darwaza, British Residency, Chota Imambada, Dilkhush Kothi, and the clock tower. I am at the Dilkhush Kothi. Gomthi River Front is a Jogging park Here you have different tracks for jogging, skating, cycling. The construction of this watch tower was incomplete because of the untimely death of Nawab Muhammad Ali Shah. There’s a separate  blog of top attractions to visit Lucknow in the related post.

Options of FOOD:-

Lucknowi Biryani,
Saradrji Chole Bhature
Jain ji k Chaat
Tundey Kebab

Lucknow is famous for its food. Tundey Kebab, Kulcha Nihari, Lucknowi Biryani, Famous Basket Chat, Saradrji Chole Bhature, and Lucknow Jain Chaat Bhandar. If you are a Non-Veg lover you must be knowing what Tundey Kebab is. Tundey Kebab originated in Lucknow. Our Half Biryani is served. Half Chicken Biryani cost 110 INR. The Real Nihari is made up of Beef.We have made a separate blog on top places to eat in Lucknow. The link is

Now we will discuss the Lucknow Itinerary:-

Let’s discuss, how many days will it take and what all to explore in Lucknow. According to us 3 days are more than enough to explore Lucknow. The 3-day Itinerary will look like this. You will cover 7 places each on Day 1 and Day 2 and on 2 places on Day 3.

The Day 1 Itinerary will be as follows; First, you will visit the famous Bada Imambara. Bada Imambara is one of the most visited sites of Lucknow. This Building was created in 1784 by Asaf-ud-daula. This place is also known as Asafi Imambara. It is said there’s a lot of treasure hidden around the building. After Visiting Bada Imambara, you will visit Chota Imambara. This is our next place, Chota Imambara. This is among one of the most important places in Lucknow. This place is also known as Iamambara Hussainabad. This building was made in 1838 by Nawab Ali, Nawab of Lucknow. Near to Chota Imambara, you will find the famous clock tower.The Hasinabad Clock Tower is among the tallest clock towers in India. It is said that the minute and hour hands of the clock are made up of Gun Powder. The materials were brought from London, The Pendulum is 14ft long. After visiting the clock tower, you will enter the Rumi Darwaza(Gate). The 60ft tall Rumi Darwaza stands tall between Chota and Bada Imambara. The Rumi Darwaza is situated in Old Lucknow and is an example of Avadh Architecture. Asaf-Ud-Daula created this building and it is also known as Turkish Gate. After visiting the Rumi Darwaza, you can have your Lunch at Rahim’s Kulcha Nihari. The Dining arrangements can be found in the basement. After having Lunch you will visit the Ambedkar Park. You can spend your evening on this Park. During the Tenure of BSP Govt. This Park was created and is now a big tourist attraction. You can have your dinner at Lucknow’s Royal Cafe. Don’t miss out on Lucknow’s Basket Chaat. Basket Chaat is all about flavors, this basket Chaat is full of flavors. The Basket was crispy and when you taste, you will experience different types of flavors.

Day 2 of the Itinerary. You will begin your day by having breakfast at Sardarji Chole Bhature. Although the shop is not big in size, but it is quite famous, there’s not much space for dining inside. If you have come in your car, you can order the food there or eat it standing outside. After having breakfast, you will explore the famous British Residency. The British Residency was created during the British Rule and was a residency for East India Company Employees. The residency is spread across 33 acres and has many buildings in it. Next, we will visit the Dilkhush Kothi. This building is made up of red bricks and is decorated with Lime Plaster Moulding. This building was made by Nawab Sahadat Ali Khan in between 1797-1814. For Lunch, you can have the Famous Lucknow Biryani. You can have them in Idris Biryani or Wahid Biryani. -The food is tasty – You should definitely try it. -Do like, follow, and Subscribe to Anuj Bucket. After having Lunch you can visit the RML Park. In the evening you can visit the Gomti River Front. Gomthi River Front is a Jogging Park, Here you will find dedicated tracks for Jogging, walking, cycling, and skating. This place will rejuvenate you, come here in the early morning or in the evening. You will have your Day 2 Dinner at Tunday Kababi. There’s a lot of crowd in this restaurant, no doubt it is quite famous. This restaurant has a simple Menu.

The Day 3 Itinerary; You will spend your morning in Janeshwar Mishra Park. You can do shopping in the famous Hazratganj Market. Our 3-day itinerary comes to an end.

How to reach Lucknow?

You can come to Lucknow, by flight, train, or bus. If you are coming by flight, you have to book your ticket till Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport. By train: Lucknow Junction (LJN). Or Charbagh Station (LKO). You will find a bus till Lucknow from major cities like; Delhi, Agra, Kanpur, Jaipur, Varanasi and Ayodhya. Now we will talk about Intra City Transportation in Lucknow. Battery Rickshaw is the most convinient Transportation. Lucknow is not a big city, you can explore all the attractions are in a Battery Rickshaw. You can also use a Taxi here. For Longe distance rides you can use a Taxi as a mode of commute. You can also use your personal vehicle as a mode of commute within the city. Renting a scooter will cost 600INR per day.

Let’s talk about Lucknow hotels.

According to our itinerary, you need to book a Hotel for 2 nights. You have various options from 5 star hotels, hostels, and Dharamshalas. Cheaper Hotels can cost from 500-1000 INR / Night. Mid Range Hotels will cost 1500-3000 INR/ Night. 5 Star Hotels will cost from 5K-16K INR/ Night. If you are an Individual or are traveling with your friends, you can book a Hostel or Airbnb. Here are some Hostels suggestions from our team. Hashtag Traveller’s (Hostel) Apalace( Budget Hotel) The charges will be 500-1000/night. Here are some Mid Range Hotels; Hotel Grand Radiant Ecotel Hotel. Rent will be 1500-3000 INR/ Night. Here are some suggestions for Luxury 5-Star Hotels; Ramada Hotel and the famous Clark’s Awadh. Let’s discuss the expense sheet of your Trip. The return flight tickets from Delhi will cost 5000 INR. CC and SL classes will cost around 900 INR from train. Bus service from Delhi will cost around 600 INR. Luxury Hotels will cost 20000, Mid Range 4000 and inexpensive 1000 INR for 2 Nights. Intra-city transport for 3 days will come around 1000 INR. The ticket charges for attractions are reasonable. The total cost would come around 500-800 INR. Food for 3 days will cost 2500 INR/ Person. A luxury trip will cost from 24-25K INR. Mid Range trip for 8-9K INR. Inexpensive Trip for 5-6K INR. This was our complete travel guide to Lucknow. Also, turn on the notifications. Feel free to ask your doubts in the comments section.


Top 5 Places to Visit in Lucknow (up) | Tickets, Timings and Complete Guide of Lucknow [part2] in 2023-Part 2


Top 5 Places to visit in Lucknow (UP) | Tickets, Timings and Complete guide of Lucknow.

Lucknow is a city rich in history and culture. It is home to some of the most beautiful and impressive monuments in India, as well as a vibrant food scene. If you are interested in learning about the city’s past or sampling its delicious cuisine, then you should definitely visit Lucknow.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 places to visit in Lucknow. We will provide information about the name, description, timings, and ticket prices of each place. We hope that this information will help you plan your trip to Lucknow and make the most of your visit.

1. Dilkusha Kothi.

Our next place is called Dilkusha Kothi. This building is constructed with red bricks and is decorated with lime plaster moulding. This building was made during the Nawab Shadat Ali’s rule (1797-1814) This house was constructed by Major Gore Ouseley. Earlier this place used to be the Hunting Ground for Nawabs, but was later created into a summer retreat place. This building is a National Monument. It is protected by Archaeological Survey of India. This building is an example of English Baroque Architecture. This building played a huge role in the 1857 Revolt, first war for Independence of India. This building was used for Hunting and poaching purposes. Later, it was converted into a summer resort. {\an8}This building has a similar design to Seaton Delaval Hall In the 18th century, this building was 3-storeyed with a basement.

This place is open from 8AM-6PM. The entry fees are 5₹ for Indians and 100₹ for foreigners.

7. Hazratganj Market.

Hazratganj got its name in 1842. This place was earlier known as Ganj, Lucknow is famous for Chikan kari embroidery. Chikan Kari embroidery is popular across the globe. People across the world come here to buy the Chikan Kari Garments. You will find the best Chikankari garments in Hazratganj. You can buy the best Chikan Kari garments in the Janpat Market, Hazartganj. Hazratganj is a big hub of Handicrafts and Handmade objects. The best time to visit the market is during the winters, from OCT-MAR. After the revolt of 1857, Britishers joined Hazratganj to Lucknow. It was developed like the Queen Street of London.

This market is open from 9AM-10PM The entry is free of cost.

8. Ambedkar Park.

The next must-visit place in Lucknow is Ambedkar Park, which was constructed during the tenure of BSP party. This is a popular attraction in Lucknow. 60 Elephants are standing to welcome you. This park is spread across 108 acres. You can come here during evening, to watch the sunset. Inside the park, you will find a gigantic statue of Bhim Rao Ambedkar and a Museum. You will see statues of many freedom fighters in this park. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Park of Lucknow was constructed by the BSP Govt. It was made during the tenure of Former UP CM Mayawati. This park is spread across 108 Acres and it is dedicated to our freedom fighters. Freedom Fighters like, Jyotirao Phule, Shahu Maharaj, Dr. B.R Ambedkar, Narayan Guru, Birsa Munda and Kanshi Ram. As you enter inside the park, you will find a big map. This is the Map of Ambedkar Memorial Park. the entry is from the red arrow We started exploring the park from the left side, We first saw the Samajik Parivartan Stambh. Then we went into Dr. B.R Ambedkar Museum. Then we went into Pratibimb Sthal. On the way we saw Elephant Dirgah. Behind Pratibimb Sthal you will find a Drashya Sthal. Then we visited the B.R Ambedkar Gallery. Now, it was time to visit the biggest attraction of the Park, Which is known as Ambedkar Stupa.

This place is open from 11AM to 6PM and entry fees is 20₹.

9.Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya park.

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya Park was established in 2007 on the banks of Gomti River. It was established by the Lucknow Development Authority. This is a perfect place to spend your leisure time This park is spread across 76 Acres and is named after Ram Manohar Lohiya. You will find a jogging track, a fish pond and an open-access area. You will find other facilities in this park. There’s a dedicated Children’s play area in this park. Do visit this place.

This place is open from 6AM-10PM. The entry fees is 5₹/head. Children below 12 years have free entry.

10. Janeshwar Mishra Park.

Our next place is called Jabeshwar Mishra Park. This park is spread across 375 acres and is considered to be Asia’s largest park. It is inspired from the Hyde Park, London. This Park is so big that you can do boating here. You can also watch the fighter jet of Indian Airforce here. This park was made by the Samajwadi Party, tourists across the globe come and visit this Park. Janeshwar Mishra Park is the Asia’s Largest Park. It is inspired from the Hyde Park, London. You can explore this park by a boat too. You can watch the MiG-21 Fighter Aircraft of Indian Air Force here. There’s a 40 Acre artificial lake in this park. The 375 Acre Park was constructed by the Samajwadi Party.

This park is open from 5AM-7.30PM The entry is free of cost.


Here are some interesting facts about Lucknow:
  • Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India.
  • The city is located on the Gomati River in the northern part of the country.
  • Lucknow is known as the “City of Nawabs” due to its rich history and culture.
  • The city is home to many historical monuments, including the Bara Imambara, the Rumi Darwaza, and the Chota Imambara.
  • Lucknow is also a major center for education and commerce.
  • The city is known for its delicious food, including biryani, kebabs, and paan.
  • Lucknow is a very popular tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors each year.

What are the attractions in Ambedkar Park?

Ambedkar Park has a number of attractions, including: A large statue of Dr. Ambedkar A museum dedicated to Dr. Ambedkar's life and work A garden with a variety of plants and flowers A lake A children's play area A number of food stalls

What are the attractions in Hazratganj market?

Hazratganj market has a number of attractions, including: A variety of shops selling clothes, jewelry, electronics, and other goods A number of restaurants serving Indian, Chinese, and other cuisines A number of cafes and ice cream parlors A number of historical buildings, including the Clock Tower and the Kutchery A number of parks and gardens, including the Ambedkar Park

Top 5 Places to Visit in Lucknow (UP) | Tickets, Timings and Complete Guide of Lucknow 2023 [Part1]


Top 5 Places to visit in Lucknow (UP) | Tickets, Timings and Complete guide of Lucknow.

If you are fond of History and exploring monuments, then you must come to Lucknow. You will find the best Avdhi Architecture and delicious food here.welcome to Aditya Sharma blog. In this artical, we will discuss the top 5 places to visit in Lucknow Where we will explain the name, description, timings, ticket prices of all the places. Continue reading Top 5 Places to Visit in Lucknow (UP) | Tickets, Timings and Complete Guide of Lucknow 2023 [Part1]

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